Virobuild Enchants Tropical Theme Park and Zoo Needs

Submitted by webviro on Mon, 09/25/2017 - 12:00
Viro project at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom


Amusement park and zoo take a tropical theme for its architecture are familiar with these building elements; thatch roof, reed roof, bamboo, outdoor umbrella, and as Disneyworld's Pandora The World Avatar has, wicker which the 'Avatar' creatureliness things are made from. Tight standard is implemented to every architectural and building material besides the amusement park rides and device. They put safety as a priority. Virobuild's products with all its sustainable features enchant those what amusement park and zoo need.


Virobuild has done many projects for theme park and zoo around the world. Outdoor thatch umbrellas (Viroumbrella) are installed along sides the pool of Adventure World, Australia. Outdoor reed umbrellas (Viroumbrella) are used at some public areas in Disney's Animal Kingdom, Florida. Thatch roofs (Virothatch) and wicker ceilings (Virosurface) at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Zhuhai, China complete the tropical ocean ambiance and give different experience for the visitors. Jatim Park (East Java, Indonesia) which adopts a tribe theme installs  Virothatch roofs for some buildings, also with our outdoor thatch umbrellas at the visitors' seats. Prague Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Chech Republic Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, and many more zoos have Virothatch and Viroreed installed.


Another Virobuild product, Archineering by Viro even have an open chance to create customized stuff from weaving and in-house fabricating. With both abilities, producing good wicker and fabricating, allow us to make an art element emulating a fictional creature. All the fiber materials of Virobuild are made of new developed material of High Density PolyEthylene which is non-toxic, highly durable, water and weather resistant, and 100% recyclable. Virobuild products are also available with/without built-in fire retardant formulation to pass the ASTM fire test. 


The natural look from our thatch, reed, and wicker makes perfect the architecture of any tropical amusement park and zoo. Using of our products will cut the maintenance cost down since it is maintenance free. The comfortable of using our products for the visitors can be made as Virobuild products resist termites, birds, and other pests that normally infest.