In Index Indonesia Mozaik Housewares & Gift Show 2017, Viro gets a chance to feature in Francis Surjaseputra's work, one of Indonesian design consultants whose works have been known not only in Indonesia, also in many other countries. Viro provides Virobamboo installation for the design with themed "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang" ("After Darkness, Comes The Light").

Amusement park and zoo take a tropical theme for its architecture are familiar with these building elements; thatch roof, reed roof, bamboo, outdoor umbrella, and as Disneyworld's Pandora The World Avatar has, wicker which the 'Avatar' creatureliness things are made from. Tight standard is implemented to every architectural and building material besides the amusement park rides and device. They put safety as a priority. Virobuild's products with all its sustainable features enchant those what amusement park and zoo need.