After Darkness, Comes The Light

Installation at Index Mozaik Show 2017

Type: Art Installation

Designer: Francis Surjaseputra

Material: Virobamboo.

Description: In Index Indonesia Mozaik Housewares & Gift Show 2017, Viro got a chance to feature in Francis Surjaseputra's work, one of Indonesian design consultants whose works have been known not only in Indonesia, also in many other countries. Viro provides Virobamboo installation for the design with themed "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang" ("After Darkness, Comes The Light").

The installation told about secure sense and positiveness, reflected in big lights which stand everywhere, inside and outside of our home. Feeling secure from a threat, a chaos, and a riot around should be maintained, like bamboos tied sturdy. Instead sharpening a sharpened bamboo, use it for positive things to build a safe and harmony in society. A translucent wall on the partition reflects a dynamic life in people's relationship, open yet respect certain boundaries, so that can make a perfect safe and peace condition.