Araglen Villa, East & West Villas

Berawa, Bali

Type: Villa

Material: Virothatch Roofing System, Berawa Roofing (Berawa Ridge, Eave/Broom and Hip), Virosurface (Ceiling & Wall), Virorope, Virocane and Viro Archineering.

Color: Java Aged (Virotatch)

Style: 12 mm Basket Weave (Virosurface) and Berawa (Virothatch) for roofing system.

Description: Virothatch roofting system was installed in a traditional Balinese style (Berawa). Virosurface, basket weave was installed on the interior wall panels. Virobamboo and Virorope were used as decorative elements within the villas. Custom Viro Archinering products were used as room separators.