Viroumbrella is a tropical outdoor umbrella with synthetic thatch umbrella cover that won't remold, rot, or shed, and 100% recyclable. We provide Viroumbrella with three types of leaves:

1. Bali Smooth Leaves

Has natural honey to light brown colored strands.

Leaves are cut in multiple lengths. 

2. Java Textured Leaves

The Java texture gives the umbrella a natural looking richer, darker hue.

Leaves are cut in multiple lengths. The color of the leaves varies in color from brown to light honey with small darker brown flecks.

3. Reed Leaves

The Viroreed Umbrella presents a more tailored style outdoor umbrella. Viroreed panels are a mix of organic looking yellow, brown, terra cotta and green colorations.

4. Mexican Rain Cape

The new product of Viroumbrella, adapted an authentic Mexican weaving pattern, is functional to shade the sun and decorate the outdoor.

Available in three items of diameter; 7 ft (2.5 meter), 9 ft (2.7 meter), and 11 ft (3.3 meter) with height 2.7 meter.

Go to Technical Product & Info to see the dimension and specification.





VIROUMBRELLA, as all Viro synthetic products has these features and benefits:

  • Resists termites, birds and other pests that normally infest and breakdown natural thatch.
  • Maintenance free and will not remold, rot, or shed.
  • 100% recyclable. Made of HDPE, high-density polyethylene.
  • Available with or without fire retardant.
  • Long durability. Guaranteed to perform for years.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Contains non-toxic compound, also non-toxic gas produced in case of fire.
  • Both of the frame and pole is steel which has a process of safe sandblasting to remove poisonous products from components and structures, leading to effective decontamination before it is coated by marine coating.